Hitachi's Air Conditioning Range is one of the most extensive available in the market today. With unit capacities ranging from 2.0kW high wall split systems to the Hitachi screw compressor chillers of over 1000kW. With products and equipment suitable for a variety of applications, from the domestic conservatory to the modern multi-storey office environment, the versatility of the Hitachi range is second to none.


As would be expected of an organisation such as Hitachi, quality and efficiency of our products is imperative and of the utmost importance. Significant investment has been undertaken in further production and testing capacities at the factories and Hitachi have also installed and commissioned a chiller performance test facility, together with all load generating ancillaries and PC based measurement, recording and reporting capabilities.


HITACHI Indoor Units: System Free - complete flexibility


Hitachi is particularly proud of its System Free concept of indoor units, providing the flexibility to combine indoors with outdoor units from either the Utopia split systems or Set Free VRF ranges. This gives you enormous scope when planning your climate solution and facilitates an optimum room climate for all areas.



Our Set Free range is VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems and includes the Mini 2 Pipe,  Side Flow 2 Pipe and the Modular Standard & High Efficiency 2 Pipe Heat Pump & 3 Pipe Heat Recovery. Each system allows a mixed combination of system free indoor units, including 12 indoor unit types, each of up to 15 capacities. 

The Set Free range incorporates a number of features unique to Hitachi, such as the Side FLow FSNM wall mountable outdoor units (up to 37.5kW), the space saving monobloc design (up to 150kW capacity), and cold draft off coil temperature control across our entire range. 

The Hitachi Set Free systems offer high efficiency (COP's of up to 4.80) and excellent reliability.


Offer world-renowned reliability thanks to Hitachi's own twin screw compressors. Samurai are commercial and industrial chilled water systems, including cooling only, heat pump air-to-water, water-to-water and Condenserless types. . 
Samurai Chillers Range Vary from 106 kW to 1280 kW.

To review all HITACHI Air conditioning products, you can download the All Line up HITACHI Air conditioning catalog from the link below (PDF Icon)

- Hitachi All line Up Catalog (VRF-Chillers)