Heliopolis Engineering and Trading company HETO is one of Egypt's leading HVAC contractor, importer distributor in Egypt for the following leading Companies

HITACHI-Johnson Controls for-Air Conditioning
MUELLER Copper pipes and fittings

HETO was founded by Eng Essam Morcos in 1980. HETO has been importing, distributing and contracting in HVAC equipment ever since, becoming partners of leading air-conditioning brands. Throughout these years HETO has established good relations with air-conditioning consultants and project managers in Egypt and neighboring Arab countries.

The company has specialized in three major business fields: Supplying Department, Contracting Department and The Services Department.

(1)Supplying Department:

HETO is the supplier for leading companies in the air conditioning being the supplier in Egypt for the following companies Hitachi air conditioning, 

b) Copper Pipes
HETO is the supplier and the authorized distributor in Egypt for Mueller, the leading American company in copper pipes for HVAC, Plumbing and medical gas applications.

(2)Contracting Department:

This department is focusing on the installation of HVAC systems for commercial buildings, hospitals and factories, villas etc (Including HETO’s distributorship list as well as all other HVAC Products in the market). Also this department is responsible for the installation of Solar panels.

(3)The Services Department:

HETO provides maintenance and support for HVAC plants and systems.